My Recurring Events

ANYBODY is THE fashion event you must go to to find everything that fits your mesh body! Each round will start on the 7th of each month at 7AM SLT and runs until the last day of each month.

Appliers are not associated only with busty girls anymore. Any kind of women... small, big, tall, curvy, skinny... can now enjoy wearing body enhancements like boobs, booties, mesh bodies, hands, etc. Fitmesh and appliers are for anyBODY!

Every month, designers will have to create one new release with appliers or Fitmesh. 

THE DARKNESS MONTHLY EVENT is a new event where the theme of the event is always "dark style" This does not necessarily mean goth but will also include: punk, urban, glam rock, rocker, emo, boho, street, hipster and so much more! The event opens on the 5th of every month and runs until the last day of each month.

eBENTO is a brand new Event that wishes to give relevance to all the new updates that Second Life has incorporated; giving a new dimension and freedom to improve the look of our avatars.

eBento - The Event inworld - TBA
eBento - The Event Facebook Page
eBento - The Event Facebook Group
eBento - The Event on Flickr
eBento - The Event on Tumbler

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